Monday, November 1, 2010

Fight the post-race blues

Quite often, when we train for a big event, we spend months concentrating on it. We sacrifice for it, obsess over it, and then, the big day comes. No matter how it turns out, there's sure to be a letdown afterwards. Here's how to get beyond it:
  • If you just completed your big event, no doubt you put some things aside while training. Maybe you skipped a girls night out; maybe your closets and drawers could use some attention; or perhaps there are some volunteer opportunities in which you've wanted to partake. Whatever the case may be, now is a great time to refocus your energy on the things you've neglected.
  • Look for some crosstraining opportunities. Do you like to ride you bike? Swim? Or maybe try something new like rock climbing. Now is the perfect time to switch it up and give your tired running muscles a break.
  • Look at the race calendar for next year. Pick out a few events and start thinking (not training) about them. This will help you get excited about your running and avoid the letdown the often follows big events.
  • Rest! Your body needs it. The easiest time to get injured is when jumping right back into hard training after a big event. Even if you feel "fine," deep down your muscles need this break. You've earned it, now take it.

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